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Midwest Wilderness Connections

Barn Window Frame - Midwest Wildflowers

Barn Window Frame - Midwest Wildflowers

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Add a little wilderness to your space with a collage frame of Midwest wildflowers!

Flowers pictured from top left to bottom right are: 

  • Carolina anemone (blue), 
  • Partridge pea (yellow),
  • American white waterlily (white), 
  • Spotted touch-me-not (red & orange),
  • False dragonhead (pink), 
  • Purple milkweed (pink),
  • Downy gentian (purple),
  • Biennial gaura (white),
  • Pasque flower (lavender),
  • Wavy-leaved coneflower (pink),
  • Butterfly milkweed (orange),
  • American lotus (pale yellow)

The frame is:

  • Made of white plastic with a wicker detail
  • Overall dimensions are 29" high x 17" wide x 1" deep.
  • Has twelve 4"x6" panes.
  • There are two sawtooth hangers on the back along the top edge.
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